Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Your Doctor.  Your Choice.

Join the growing tide of doctors and patients who have returned to a simple, transparent, and direct doctor-patient relationship.

We offer you two exciting options:

Worry-Free Subscription

For a flat monthly fee, receive ongoing worry-free access to your doctor. 

WITHIN our House Call Service Area may include:

  • An annual comprehensive in-person physical
  • An annual EKG with doctor’s interpretation
  • Up to 1 additional in-person visit per month
  • Up to 4 additional lab tests per month
  • Direct Access Line 7 days a week
  • Unlimited text or phone or video calls

OUTSIDE our House Call Service Area may include:

  • An annual comprehensive telemedicine physical
  • Direct Access Line 7 days a week
  • Unlimited text or phone or video calls
  • Savings in lengthy drives and fuel charges

Individual/Family Monthly Subscription: 

  • Ages 50 and above                                           $99
  • Ages 30-49                                                         $79

Corporate Subscription (5+ Employees):

  • Ages 50 and above                                           $79
  • Ages 30-49                                                         $59

Additional Savings off Monthly Subscription:

  • Additional household member/spouse     - $20

Low Cost Lab Monthly Subscription:

  • Annual Preventive & As Needed Labs       + $20

See additional plan and policy details below.  


  New Patient Special  

Enrollment fee of  $149  is currently waived for new patients.  Sign up today before our panel is full. ___________________________________________________________________

A La Carte Care

Enjoy the flexibility to pay-as-you-go for each service you and your doctor agree on.  Here are some of our most popular services:


  • In-Person                                           $149
  • By Video or Phone                             $99


  • EKG with Interpretation                    $79
  • Lab Testing (individual labs)             $29
  • Lab Collection Fee                              $29
  • Lab Collection Trip Charge               $29

LAB PACKAGES  (click for description)


  • Toradol                                                 $79
  • Solumedrol                                          $79
  • Rocephin                                              $79
  • Phenergan                                           $79
  • Vitamin B12                                         $79


  • Rapid Strep Test                                 $29
  • Rapid Flu Test                                     $29
  • Urinalysis (Chemical)                         $29
  • Urine Pregnancy                                 $29

*Ask us about any services not listed.


An active credit card must be on file before your first consultation and be kept active for ongoing subscription.  Fees for subscribers are charged on a 3-month basis.  After the free enrollment period, if a lapse occurs in subscription payments an enrollment fee will apply to re-enroll. 

The use of subscription lab benefits, EKG services or other testing is optional within the house call service area.  Subscription testing benefits do not apply if using insurance coverage for testing charges through your insurance company's preferred testing provider. 

A-La-Carte services or services agreed to in addition to the subscription package will be charged at the time of care.  Lab collection charges apply to A-La-Carte blood collections.  Lab trip charges apply to blood collections done separate from an in-person doctor visit.

You may cancel your subscription at any time with 30 days' notice in writing by mail or email.  All fees are NON-REFUNDABLE regardless of the date of your cancellation within the billing cycle.  Subscription fees are standard regardless of services not used.  

Phone or video consultations are only provided for conditions that are clinically appropriate.  Emergency conditions must be evaluated and treated by an emergency department.  Conditions that require physical examination require an in-person visit by the doctor or by an urgent care facility depending on severity and urgency.  Patients must reside in Texas to receive telemedicine care.  Patients that live outside of our house call coverage area will need to see their local provider when in-person visits are needed.  Video calls require the use of a computer or laptop; they are not supported on mobile devices.

Please review your new patient registration documents in detail for additional practice and policy information.