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Welcome to Direct Care of Texas!

Follow the 2 steps below to self-enroll in our practice.

Or call us at 210-521-6328 to enroll by phone.

Step 1

Click "Consent Forms" below, enter your name and email address.

Then, check your email to electronically sign your documents.

Tips for this Step:  

  • Sign each required form EITHER as the "Patient" or "Patient Representative."
  • You may enter the name and any contact information for your prior primary care provider, any specialists, or hospitals where you've been treated in the Release of Information form or we'll do it for you.
  • Either way, we'll complete the form and send it for you to save you on medical records charges.

If you are enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid:   

  • Please complete this additional form to acknowledge that neither your nor this practice will bill either of those for your care.

  Step 2  

Return to this page, click the link below to complete your enrollment.

Tips for this Step:  

  • Select "Open In Fullscreen" to better see the form.
  • Under "Company Name," enter the name of the company you work for ONLY IF they are paying for your subscription.
  • IF you would like to pre-fill some of your medical history, select "Add more details" at the bottom of the page. 
  • Enter as little or as much as you'd like--it's a lengthy form so don't feel obligated to fill it all in.
  • Click "Next" to skip through any sections you don't know or don't apply.
  • We'll fill in the rest with you at our first visit.

Need to Cancel?

No problem.  Simply sign the cancellation form below to notify us. 

Your subscription and your doctor-patient relationship will expire in 30 days.