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Direct Care of Texas covers you for the breadth of your primary care needs.

Chronic Conditions: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Thyroid and more

Preventive Health:  Age Appropriate Screenings, School, Work and Annual Physicals

Minor Acute Illnesses:  Coughs and Colds, Urine and Stomach Bugs, Lumps and Bumps

Unparalleled access to care for your health.  Where you need it.  When you need it.

Our San Antonio Office Locations

In addition to our 3 convenient office sites in the city, we save you time and money with:

Dr Tamayo on a Phone Call


It's true!  Anywhere in Texas.

Your doc's a call or text away. 

Minor illness. Labs. Refills. 

We've got you covered.

Dr Tamayo on a Video Call


It's the next best thing. 

From your home or office.

Need an in-person exam? 

We'll get you scheduled.

Dr Tamayo on a House Call


We've brought'em back! 

Save yourself gas and time. 

We'll do the driving for you.

Private. Convenient. Timely. 


1:  Choose Your Prescription -- Peace of Mind / Flexibility

Worry-Free Subscription - Starting at just $79 per month*


A La Carte Care -  Starting at just $99 per consultation

(*Ask about our corporate rate to have your employer cover your subscription)

2:  Subscribe Online

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3:  Enjoy Revolutionary Access

Call us to schedule your office visit, phone, video or house call:  


Subscribers may call the Direct Access Line any day of the week.

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Hector Edwin Tamayo, MD

Internal Medicine
Board Certified

Dr. Tamayo received a childhood bilingual education through American schools in South America and is fluent in English and Spanish. He obtained his MD from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio in 1998. He specialized as a doctor for adults and was honored to serve as Chief Resident of the training program.  He provided patient care as a teaching doctor for many years at Audie L. Murphy VA Hospital, the University Hospital, and the University of Texas Health Science Center.  He has volunteered on international medical missions, in hurricane shelters and other community service projects.  Dr. Tamayo led a team of primary care providers to deliver office-based medical care for many years in Northwest San Antonio.   He then founded Direct Care of Texas to free his patients from barriers caused by high-cost offices.  He enjoys providing unusually convenient care through phone, video, house calls and office visits in San Antonio.


For appointments, refills, or questions:


Subscribers may text or call the DirectAccess Line

Seven Days-A-Week:  9am - 9pm 

Our Mailing Address is:

17503 La Cantera Parkway Ste 104-439

San Antonio, Texas 78257

Our VenturePoint Office Locations for In-Person Visits (by appointment only) - Click for Map:

    Medical Center

    5460 Babcock Rd Suite 120

    San Antonio, TX 78240

    Stone Oak

    21750 Hardy Oak Blvd, Suite 102

    San Antonio, TX 78258  

    Alamo Heights

    4040 Broadway St Suite 240

    San Antonio, TX 78209  

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Should I keep my medical insurance?

Yes!  Direct Primary Care allows you to subscribe to unparalleled access regardless of using medical insurance or not.  We offer significant savings in wait times, out of pocket costs for visits and labs, and no surprise bills in the mail.  You may use any insurance benefits for labs, medications, studies and other treatments. 

No insurance, no problem.  We will help you find affordable options for out of pocket expenses including medications, labs and other studies.  

We do not bill Medicare, Medicaid or a private insurance for our visits.  We encourage you to maintain an insurance plan for its original purpose, to cover unexpected costly medical expenses, specialists and hospitalizations.

What if I would like additional services beyond my subscription?

No problem!  As a Worry-Free Subscriber you receive a full benefit package that covers virtually all your primary care needs.  Any additional services you desire can be billed under A-La-Carte pricing.


Where can I be seen for in-person visits?

We do in-person visits at our 3 office partner locations in the city and we can see you at your home, at your friend or family's home, or at your workplace.  


What conditions can be treated by telemedicine?

A surprising number of acute and chronic conditions can be treated by a phone or video consultation.  Issues that require an in-person visit can often be triaged and temporized by a telemedicine visit while you wait to be seen.  However, emergency conditions that are life or limb threatening need to be treated in the emergency department. 

We look forward to serving you! 

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